TSINOVA is high-tech company committed to creating all-new forms of mobility through continuous product innovation and making life in big cities more livable. TSINOVA Smart Pedelec, designed from scratch and empowered by TSINOVA’s independently developed technologies, is equipped with the world-leading VeloUP!™ smart drive system capable of providing real-time auxiliary power based on intelligent observation of road conditions and judgment of rider intentions. Combining powerful functionality and stunning aesthetics, it makes urban mobility more efficient, convenient and stylish.
The VeloUP!™ smart drive system developed by TSINOVA uses a number of cutting-edge automotive technologies, including automotive hybrid technology, with world-leading performance in response speed, accuracy and power output. TSINOVA has been in cooperation with several global leading bicycle companies in the application of the VeloUP!™ smart drive system for a variety of use scenarios in the hope of making mobility agiler, more efficient and more stylish.

TSINOVA offers the integration of its technologically advanced VeloUP!™ smart drive system to bicycle manufacturer partners with the facilitation in choosing the best adaptive integration solution for developing new products as well as enhancing their value.
TSINOVA provides to the partners a comprehensive support:

Hardware technical support

Software technical support

Industry design support

App design support

Products development support

Marketing and Commercial support