Inspired by and originated from the automotive hybrid technology, the VeloUP!™ Smart Drive System came into being and was exclusively designed for smart Pedelecs. With an outstandingly aesthetic appreciation in mind, the system utilizes an advanced modular design logic that offers plenty of versatility and expansibility for its integration flexibility to manufacturing partners in the industry. Partners have flexible options to choose from for the best solution according to their actual bicycle types and components configurations in order to enhance the innovation in their product lines. The system is a comprehensive solution that runs with a triple-sensor-mechanism having in its core the torque sensor system and getting the adaptive and accurate power working on with the best selection of motors, batteries as well as a sophisticated mobile phone application. Furthermore, the system is connected to the cloud end for an upgrade option on the firmware remotely to improve users’ riding experience or add new functions.


 and reached a strategic co-operation and jointly promote the smart pedelec which equipped with pedelec system. We launched 3 pedelecs at the investment conference, 
offering to the customers a quick, effort saving, comfortable riding experience,
and leading a healthy life!